Tunes, Service, & Repairs

Service & Repairs

I can service and repair most precision adult airguns - if parts are available- these include but are not limited to:

Air Arms Axsor Beeman
BSA Daystate Diana
F.A.S. Feinwerkbau FX
Hyscore Logun Original
RWS Theoben Webley
Weihrauch Whiscombe Winchester

***Please Note ***

I do not work on Crosman, Daisy, Benjamin, or Sheridan airguns. I recommend that you contact Bob Newman at Air-Venture Airguns at 562-867-6355 for work on these airgun brands.

Tunes & Services

I can tune most precision adult airguns. These tunes will extract he utmost perfomance from your airgun while yielding the smoothest shooting cycle possible.

    Tune Price
    Field Master Tune $75
    Match Rifle Master Tune $85
    Match Pistol Master Tune $85
    Trigger Tune $45
    Theoben Gas Ram Installation $35
    Reblue - Field Grade $155
    Reblue - High Gloss $175

Note: Parts and Shipping not included in the prices above




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