Theoben Gas Struts

Spring breakage, the most common problem with today’s airguns! Now available from Airgunwerks is a radically different power source available for your airgun - the Theoben gas strut. Who are Theoben Ltd? Owners Martin Rutterford and Jonathan Radford, makers of the truly classic hand built rifles that include the world famous Eliminator / Crow Magnum, SLR 98, Evolution, and Crusader, as well as the superb Rapid range of air rifles, their mult-year winner of Airgun of the year! Theoben have designed and patented a replacement unit for a wide range of today's popular air rifles.

Airgunwerks, in conjunction with Theoben now offer you the option of making your airgun the best it can be! All the quality you expect from the famous name of Theoben, increased efficiency, improved lock time, smoothness, and in the case of the Patriot/Kodiak, the increased power that comes with gas spring technology, is now available for a wide range of airguns - no more broken springs!


Replacements gas rams are available for the following models:

Model Price
Beeman R1/HW80. $245
Beeman Bearcub, Stingray, Excel, Xocet. $145.
Beeman Kodiak / Webley Patriot. $155
BSA Supersport, Supersport XL, Lightning XL. $145.
BSA Superstar, Meteor. $145
Gamo Shadow 1000, CFX, Hunter. $155
Webley Vulcan Vulcan MK2, Vulcan MK3, Vulcan Carbine, Tracker/Barnett Spitfire. $145
Webley Eclipse & Omega. $145
Installation fee for all models is $35.
***Please Note ***

If your model is not listed above then it is not available.



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