About Airgunwerks

My name is David Slade, "triggerman" to my friends, senior gunsmith for Beeman Precision Airguns (1993- 1997 and 1999 to October 2004) and before that manager of the Airgun department at H.S. Greenfield & Son (gunmakers), of Canterbury, England, since 1982. While in England, I had full factory training at all the major manufactures, including Webley, Theoben, Air Arms, Daystate, and Falcon. Airgunwerks is a fully authorized Webley (non-Beeman) service/repair and tuning center, as well as a fully authorized service/tuning center for Air Arms. We are now an authorized repair center for Whiscombes air rifles.

Airgunwerks is now the ONLY approved repair center (including gas strut installations) for all OFFICIALLY IMPORTED THEOBEN products for the ENTIRE United States.



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